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Our Wish List!

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

In order to make this campaign a success, we are going to need a lot of support and help.  Our most urgent needs at this point involve graphic design and artistic support.

1. We need someone who can film a short video documentary highlighting why it is important to expunge juvenile criminal records.

2. We need someone who can redesign our expungement brochures to make them more youth-friendly.

3. We need someone who will design a t-shirt for the UN-marked campaign.

We currently have no funds to support our campaign but we know that many people care about these issues and are certain that we will receive tons of support to be successful.  If you are interested in taking on any of the tasks above, please email us at  Thanks in advance!


When the online storytelling magazine SMITH asked its readers to submit six-word memoirs, the results were fascinating, moving, and sometimes very funny.  The results were published in a bestselling book called “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Famous and Obscure Writers.”

This mother’s day, the ONE campaign asked its supporters to write six-words reflecting on Why Moms Matter.

Inspired by these efforts, Project NIA’s UN-marked campaign invites interested individuals to submit six-words to convey either the effect/impact of having a juvenile criminal record or to illustrate the importance of clearing a juvenile criminal record.

An example would be: “Fifteen years later still can’t work.”

Another could be: “Arrested at 16; shoplifting; never recovered.”

So be creative and add your six-words to the mix.  We hope to use the best submissions to create an awareness raising poster as part of the UN-marked campaign.

Please send your 6 words to us at or

You can also tweet your response to @projectnia.  Thanks!

Check out this wonderful picture…