Disappointing News! House Judiciary Committee Votes Down HB2841…

Posted: March 3, 2011 in criminal record expungement, Legislation

Unfortunately, today the House Jud II committee voted against the HB 2841, the juvenile expungement reform bill. The vote was 2-5, with only Reps Connie Howard and Annazette Collins voting for the bills. Democratic Reps. Cunningham and McAsey both voted no on both bills. Republican reps Reboletti, Reis and Sacia also voted no on both bills.

It is really important to get the word out to folks to let the legislators who opposed these bills know that folks are watching their votes and concerned that bills advancing rights for youth are not moving forward.

The work continues however. Check in here in the next few days to learn how you can help us as we take this bill to the IL Senate and also back to the House again. La Lucha Continua!


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