HB2841 Has New Life… Call Legislators About the Bill

Posted: March 9, 2011 in criminal record expungement, Legislation

HB2841 (Clear Up Juvenile Records Act) will have another hearing this time in front of the House Human Services Committee on Thursday, March 16th at 8:00 a.m.

The Committee members need to hear from you about your support for this bill.  You will find all relevant information here.

Human Services Committee Members to Call:

SCRIPT: I am calling to express my support of HB 2841 A New Start (Clear Up Juvenile Records) and urge you to do so as well to provide our community’s youth with a barrier free future to reinvest their skills into the communities and be a positive and productive member of our society.

Chairperson: Greg Harris (D)

(217) 782-3835

(773) 348-3434

Vice-Chairperson: Constance A. Howard (D)

(217) 782-6476

(773) 783-8800

Republican Spokesperson: Patricia R. Bellock (R)

(217) 782-1448

(630) 852-863

Naomi D. Jakobsson (D)

(217) 558-1009

(217) 373-5000

Annazette Collins (D)

(217) 782-8077

(773) 533-0010

Mary E. Flowers (D)

(217) 782-4207

(773) 471-5200

Deborah Mell (D)

(217) 782-8117

(773) 267-2880

Sandy Cole (R)

(217) 782-7320

(847) 543-0062

Timothy L. Schmitz  (R)

(217) 782-5457

(630) 845-9590

Norine Hammond (R)

(217) 782-0416

(309) 836-270

JoAnn Osmond (R)

(217) 782-8151

(847) 838-6200

Please also sign the Collaborative for Juvenile Expungement Reform’s online petition.


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