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A group of young people from Depaul University created this song to encourage other youth to clear their juvenile criminal records:

made mistakes
feel shame
paid your debt
time to regain
your life, start fresh
interviewing for the job
dressed to impress
with more skill than is needed
but the job goes to Dropout Bob
feel cheated
only to find out it’s your record
holding you back
so you set your fingers on the keyboard
searching the net
for a way to get your record cleared
expungement erases a criminal record?
sounds too good to be true
find out it’s easy if you know how to
just need your arrest record
file a petition, get your reputation restored
$124 per arrest? hard to digest
but fees can be waived
all that’s required is your time and energy
to start a brand new life
before you’re twenty
so there’s no excuse cause now you know
get your record expunged, don’t be a zero


A group of freshmen students at Power House Charter High School spent last school year learning about juvenile expungement. Many of the young people had direct knowledge of the impact that juvenile criminal records can have on a life based on their experiences with friends and family. This year, some of these same students will continue to partner with the Coalition for Juvenile Expungement Reform to push for the passage of a bill to reform this process.

One of the projects that the students completed last May was a series of 6 word poems about juvenile expungement. Here are two examples. One is from a student named Anthony:

The other is from Orlando:

You can see all of the 6 word poems created by the Power House Charter High School students HERE.