Get Involved


  1. Sign the petition asking the Illinois Legislature to pass an automatic juvenile expungement law.
  2. Participate in our 6 Word Activity.  We will feature the best submissions on and on this site.
  3. Encourage and refer individuals who are interested in having their juvenile records to the FREE local resources who can assist them with the process.
  4. Join the Coalition for Juvenile Expungement Reform as we press for legislative changes and continue to educate the general public about this important issue.  Contact us at for more information if you are interested in the coalition.  The Coalition meets monthly to push forward on our demands. The primary conveners of the Coalition are Project NIA, Enlace Chicago, United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations and the Civitas Child Law Center at Loyola University Law School
  5. Host a juvenile expungement education event in your community.  We can help you by providing speakers and materials.  Contact us.
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