This is the juvenile expungement packet provided by the Clerk of the Court (which includes the forms to actually file a juvenile expungement petition). Click HERE to download.

The following are some useful resources to help you better understand the juvenile expungement process:
Reboot Your Life: A Brochure about Juvenile Expungement

A Primer for Understanding Juvenile Expungement

Frequently Asked Questions about Illinois’ Juvenile Expungement Process

Juvenile Expungement Information Packet by Kate Winner

Get the Facts: Juvenile Criminal Records by ICJIA

WBEZ has been reporting on juvenile justice issues in Illinois all year.  Their terrific series Inside and Out is worth checking out in its entirely.  However, two reports specifically address the issue of juvenile expungement.

Juvenile Arrests Can Cast A Long Shadow

Job and Future Stalled by Juvenile Records Thought to be Secret

Other resources:

Cost of Conviction Handout

Cost of Conviction Handout (Youth, Feb 2012)